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Islamic scholar studies in Qom city, educated in master and studying in Phd(jurisprudence) A humble preacher around the world Bilingual in English & Persian

When Must We Marry?

One of the important problems in connection with marriage and choosing a spouse, which must be taken into consideration, is the time and age of it. Much has been written and said on this topic. And everybody has endeavoured to answer this question according to his own taste and perdisposition, …

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Polygamy in Islam

Polygamy or plurality of wives is one of the controversial questions connected with the family system of Islam. In this connection a few points are  worth consideration in an effort to show how much the West was and still is completely misguided and misguiding in its conception of this issue …

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    …. COVER ….   Islam recorded a great turning point in the history of women which has no rival to this day.  Through it, she regained her honor and rights of which she had been deprived for centuries under the burdens of unjust views of the pre-Islamic era …

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Islam respects the Woman

In the Islamic society the woman has an honored position and, beside her legal and civil rights, enjoys special respect, love, affection and the gentle feelings which she deserves most. Is she not the compassionate mother, the beloved wife and the affectionate daughter? The best expression of this reality is …

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The main area of discussion of volume 65 of the compilation of traditions entitled Bihar al-Anwar is in regards to elucidating on the characteristics of the Shia (Sifatush Shia). How helpful it would truly be if we would all read this section (of Bihar al-Anwar) and truly comprehend what a …

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The Number of the Shi‘a Imams

QUESTION: As we know, the true Twelver Imami sect is called “twelver” (ithna `ashariyya) since its followers believe that after the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his family), his successors were twelve people. And among all of his ‘ummah (community), they are the sole group who hold this …

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The Shi’ite Doctrines and Beliefs

1- THE RATIONALE GOODNESS AND BADNESS WE BELIEVE that human wisdom can appreciate many good things to distinct from the bad ones, and the right from wrong; by his blessful power of distinction, which God has given him. Even before coming of the prophets with the LAW, Man could rationally …

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