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Islamic scholar studies in Qom city, educated in master and studying in Phd(jurisprudence) A humble preacher around the world Bilingual in English & Persian


  History is a witness to persecutions of scientists by the medieval Church and the consequent branding of all religions to be anti-science. This is however not the case with Islam. For Islam is that religion, which emphasizes on the need to acquire knowledge form the ‘Cradle to the grave’. …

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What is the role of Jesus Christ? When we submit to Jesus Christ’s love and influence, we become humble and teachable, and we recognize the divine Light of Christ inside each of us. We each come to this world with the divine Light of Christ inside us, with the ability …

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love in Islam

In Islam, the concept of love is one of the most important concepts. This fact manifests itself in Islamic philosophy, theology, mysticism and ethics; indeed, in some aspects, it plays the crucial role. For example, in defining the Islamic point of view on the relation between God and Universe in …

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